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Free days out with the kids, family outings and activities

Here are some of our favourite fun activities for kids (and grown-up kids too!) to do in the woods.



Leaf artExplore your creative side

Woods are filled with inspiration to help you create amazing art, and also lots of free natural materials too. Check out this guide to creating woodland inspired art and using natural patterns then enter our ARTventure competion to win art masterclasses, art materials and nature detective goodies!










Hands filled with blackberries (istock)Find free food!

As you can see, we like eating in the woods a lot! Raid nature's larder by hunting for blackberries. This free blackberry pack will help you gather them using the collecting bag template and then give you lots of ideas of ways to eat them with recipe downloads.






Campingt in the woods (wikimedia commons)Sleep beneath the stars

Well not quite directly beneath them but under canvas in a tent instead. We've got lots of camping activity ideas for you to try to make sure your holiday is action packed.









Boy sitting in a tree (Beverley Gormley)Climb trees

It's not a proper summer holiday if you don't climb at least one tree! Find out how to pick a good climbing tree and get some hints and tips for climbing with our popular free guide to tree climbing.











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More please!

Get more fun, free downloads and things to do with Nature Detectives







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