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One of the greatest reasons to visit woods is to enjoy the nature and wildlife.

Our woods are exciting and ever-changing places to visit and play host to species galore. If you want to know which flora and fauna you'll see this month, look no further. Here's our monthly round-up on woodland nature.



Recently spotted - Flowering ivy

Happening now - Fly agaric

Coming soon - Beech full tint


October's woodland highlights

October should be the time for wildlife feasting on berries and nuts. We can feast too. Look out for ripening haws, sloes, elderberries and bilberry fruit. Our hedgerow tipples pack should give you plenty of ideas for using your bounty.

September also heralds the start of autumn. Check out our autumn pages for craft ideas, great events to attend and much more

 More woodland highlights on our blog

Protect your woodland

There's a current threat to our native Ash trees. If you see any signs of Ash dieback please report it as outlined below.

Signs and symptoms of Ash dieback and how to report sightings

Help stop the spread of tree disease and pests

Visit the Woodland Trust tree disease site



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