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Fall for autumn's golden moment

Autumn sees trees transform from lush greens into stunning displays of red, gold and brown. 



When does autumn begin?

According to calendars autumn starts on 21 September but at Nature's Calendar they mark the start of autumn based on key signs and triggers in nature.

What to look out for

There are many signs of autumn and many help us learn how our climate is changing. Look out for the following:

  Trees getting their first and full autumn colour. Be sure to look out for true autumn tinting - vivid red, gold and brown leaves rather than dry, brown, wilted leaves
  Bramble and blackthorn producing ripe fruits
  Swallows and swifts leaving for winter; fieldfares and redwings arriving
  Ivy flowering
  Fly agaric fungi blooming


Tell us when you spot signs of autumn

Scientists study the recurrence of natural events and their timings which is called phenology. Recording these timings can give vital clues to the impact of the changing climate on our woods and wildlife.

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How you can get involved

Track nature's seasonal changes and become a Nature's Calendar recorder.

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